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Soundstack Announces an AudioCentric Way to Track Music

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Earlier this month internet radio observers noted the development that was announced by Soundstack, an audiocentric content network. onilne news

Over the years webcaster and internet radio services have sent licensing entities like BMI and SoundExchange music use reports.

The method by which those services have sent reports was by using spreadsheets, which have been created by broadcast software like SpacialAudio’s SAM Broadcaster.

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In the case of SoundExchange and BMI, two of the licensing entities that collect and distribute royalties to copyright holders like record labels and performing artists, CSV spreadsheets are uploaded via the portals provided by those entities.

But errors of various kinds can result; for example, SX will produce an error when ISRC codes and other categories like UPC numbers are not designated correctly.

According to observers, SoundStack offers webscasters the means by which to create music-use reports based on audio sources.

A spokesperson of the company said, ““Everyone is always looking for ways to reduce friction in their lives. Commercial and non-commercial broadcasters are no exception, especially when it comes to the tedium of reporting royalties.”

As things are becoming ever more automated, as many speakers are “smart speakers” and as entities like Universal Music are requesting Spotify to alter how artificial intelligence provides music and the like, it seems likely that in future more internet radio services will be relying on audio-centric tracking of music and tracks played.

internet radio news online news

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