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Changes in Listening Habits

internet radio news news online

According to a number of observers, even as more people are turning away from terrestrial radio, many are opting in favor of what are described as smart speakers. news online

Examples of smart speakers include those of Alexa.

In particular, listeners of Alexa tell the smart speaker to select a particular type of music or genre. Another situation is when a listener tells the smart speaker to select a particular radio service.

Whereas as recently as 2017, surveys indicated that about 88% of homes owned and used traditional radios, in 2023 only about 78% own such devices.

During the same period, from 2017 to 2023, the number of smart speakers increased from about 11% to almost 40% in 2023.

Also during that time, downloads of station apps increased from 26% in 2017 to almost 40% in 2023.

Convenience and changes in technology have driven changes.

Turning back to an era of fifty years ago, during that time more and more radio listeners were making transitions from AM to FM, in large part, because of the superior audio quality of FM.

As the percentage of internet users and those with access to the internet and broadband increased from the early 2000’s and after, more and more people found and used radio stations that were streaming over the internet.

During the past twelve years the use of apps has increased.

Now more and more people are accessing media through the internet, and a related develoment, the use of smart speakers, has increased along with the increased use of the internet.

internet radio news news online

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