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The Growing Power of Online Streaming

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Even as supporters of over-the-air radio struggle to keep that medium vibrant, more and more people are and have been streaming music over the internet.

Entities like Pandora and Youtube provide access to various genres of music and songs.

But, for example, there are supporters of AM radio who are pressing the auto industry to continue to include AM/FM radio devices in newly manufactured vehicles.

One such person is US Senator Edward Markey of Massachussetts.

For example, recently Mr. Markey issued a letter to auto manufacturers, especially those of electric cars, to include in their vehicles AM/FM radio receivers or devices.

However, the auto industry responded to the Senator’s letter in a way such that it offered no guarantee that such devices would continue to be included vehicles in future.

For example, Mr. Markey asked automakers like BMW and General Motors to inform him of the status of AM radio receivers in vehicles and to let him know of changes in that status.

In particular, Senator Markey wrote, “A phase-out of broadcast AM in new vehicles could pose a significant communication problem during emergencies. Given AM radio’s importance for emergency communications and continued consumer demand, I urge your company to maintain the feature in its new vehicles.”

However, satellite radio and internet radio, which have been available in vehicles for a number of years, have similar capacities and have shown similar tendencies to issue emergency declarations.

For example, cable companies issue emergency test broadcasts at various times.

For its part, the auto industry issued statements that included references to warning systems, like the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and changes in FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) requirements.

In terms of demographics, younger age groups have been moving away from over-the-air radio, and even younger people scarcely or ever use or listen to AM or FM stations.

As well, a number of AM and/or FM stations have been simulcasting over the internet.

The auto industry’s statement includes references to changes in technology and innovations that have made terrestrial radio ever less popular.

In particular, Revenue in the Music Streaming segment is projected to reach US$15.19bn in 2023, according to Statista.

Since 2017, revenue from music streaming has grown markedly, Statista indicates.

Statista, which is an award-winning service whose clients include corporations and governments, indicates that evenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 5.14%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$18.56bn by 2027.

internet radio online news

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